Sernautas Group provides ecological solutions to eliminate chemical products at your fingertips.


Sernautas is born with the motivation to achieve a more sustainable world by offering technological solutions for hygiene without using chemical products that contaminate the environment. The technologies we use allow the elimination of detergents, solvents, and their plastic containers, replacing them with on-site ozone generation systems in water, with excellent results in hygiene and disinfection tasks. We also have osmosis systems, which allow us to offer quality water for direct consumption generated on-site, thus eliminating traditional plastic or glass containers and also saving on the purchase of bottled water. However, our decalcification systems offer a reliable and ecological way to treat water to remove lime and other minerals. We have solutions tailored for the domestic environment as well as for sectors such as HoReCa, laundries, wineries, etc.


At Sernautas, we aspire to a world where sustainable innovation is the norm. We aim to lead the change towards ecological and sustainable solutions in water treatments and ozone products, thus contributing to a cleaner and healthier future for all.


We develop and provide innovative and sustainable solutions in water treatments and ozone products for homes, businesses, and industry. Our mission is to offer effective and accessible alternatives, promoting a positive impact on the environment.

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A Business Team Dedicated to Innovation and Progress

In our team, a group of professionals passionate about innovation and business advancement come together to provide cutting-edge solutions. Our joint dedication has led us to lead prominent projects in various areas, driving progress and generating positive impact in each initiative. Our focus is not limited to individual experience but is nourished by the synergy and diversity of talents in our team. Together, we create innovative strategies, implement technological solutions, and turn business visions into successful realities. Join us to discover how our collective experience drives success and evolution in every project.

Joaquim Roberto

He unfolds his experience as the founder and CEO of Sernautas Group, bringing a broad trajectory in the field of distribution and technical service of machinery for ozone production, environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection systems.

Joaquin Crespo

With more than two decades of experience as Manager at OUTLOGIC S.L., Joaquín has led numerous prominent projects in the development and application of technological solutions for water treatment and industrial use of ozone.

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